From Leading Lady to Leading Entrepreneur


From a leading lady on the silver screen to a leading entrepreneur in the sidelines of an innovative luxury fragrance company, Michell Pfeiffer’s journey is uber fascinating.

This piece from Entrepreneur Online magazine tells us all about it. Here’s a short excerpt:

Pfeiffer was discouraged but not deterred. If there’s one thing Hollywood teaches — even to legends — it’s how to deal with rejection. “You never can get too comfortable,” she says. “I don’t care how famous you become, or successful; you think your last job may be your last job. And so you learn to live with that uncertainty.” And so, she says, she’s developed a strategy to deal with the uncertainty: “Keep yourself busy.”

Michelle Pfeiffer is one of the biggest stars in Hollywood so it’s surprising to hear about her entrepreneurial struggles. Her 20-year journey is the stuff of legends. Get a glimpse of it at the link below…



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