How Breaking Through Rigidity and Fragility Can Make You a Better Leader


Thought we’d share this fascinating article from Positively Positive. It’s called Transcending Rigidity and Fragility.

It shares some great insights into leadership. Here’s a particularly fascinating one:

The hardest thing about transcending rigidity and fragility is that it requires us to drop the victim-perpetrator narrative. It requires that we – as free adults – recognize that we have the power to make choices for ourselves today, and that if we don’t like the unfolding story of our lives, we can either choose it or change it. If we don’t and keep running our lives from a sense of duty or martyrdom, we’re essentially waking up each day and knocking on purgatory’s door.

To learn more about the awesome ideas from this article, give the rest of it a read at the website linked below…

Read the source article at Positively Positive