Only One Woman Was Included in Forbes’ List of Innovators, She Strongly Disagrees


Anne Wojcicki of 23AndMe is a real leader, not just businesswise, but in representing womankind as well.

Here’s a fascinating article on her reaction about being the only woman included in the Forbes Magazine list of Innovative Leaders. It’s Female CEOs Blast ‘Forbes’ List Of Innovative Leaders That Includes Only One Woman.

In it, Wojcicki shares her two cents on this gaffe. Here’s what she had to say:

They go online and think about board members or advisers and who it is that can help solve a problem. I think there are real ripple effects when this kind of press dominates. It’s not just one article. It’s how in general women are perceived.

Give the rest of the article a read to learn more about what Anne Wojcicki had to say and what Forbes leadership had to say about it…

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