The Importance of Staying True to Your Femininity in Leadership


This awesome article by Fortis Georgiadis is truly insightful. It’s called Women in STEM: “Your ability as a leader to inspire and motivate employees is based on trust” with Roni Frank of Talkspace.

In it, he interviews Roni Frank, co-founder of Talkspace. Here’s how she tackles being a woman leader:

It’s not necessary to emulate stereotypically “masculine” qualities in order to be a successful, assertive leader. Instead, stay authentic, quiet those voices that tell you that you need to show more dominance, power or control. These qualities, despite being considered “strong and masculine” are not effective. On the contrary, they create damage in companies and in society — and eventually they will create damage in you. Realize your strengths and advantages as a woman, and that you bring something else to the table that is very powerful and critical for the success of your organization.

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Read the source article at Thrive Global