The The First Female Chief of Britain’s IED Has Both the Power and Resolve to Gender Disparity in Engineering Field


Came across this fascinating piece from The Guardian and it really piqued our interest. It’s titled Recruit Women, Urges Engineers’ First Female Leader.

In it, Naomi Climber, the new president of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) shares some interesting points. Here’s one of them:

Today many have been transformed and employ large numbers of women. For example, jobs in medicine are now divided fairly evenly between the sexes. By contrast, engineering has remained stubbornly stuck in the past. Men still hold down 94% of jobs. That is simply not acceptable. Indeed, it is harmful. We cannot hope to recruit the numbers of engineers we need in the near future if we are effectively excluding half the population from taking part.

If you want more, give the full article a quick read at the website linked below…

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