Women Entrepreneurs From Shark Tank Share Their Knowledge From the Show


Shark Tank has become a beacon of hope for people dreaming of getting into entrepreneurship. This piece by Yitzi Weiner shares some of the most prominent female alumni’s learnings from the show.

This one from Tiffany Krumins is particularly interesting:

Overnight growth is not always a good thing. Without a team and set processes, this type of growth can be extremely difficult to manage. Cashflow can also be hard to manage if you aren’t prepared. I’ve known many brands that grew at a steady pace and are still very strong. They took much longer to become “successful” because they grew at a pace that was manageable. The grass may always seem greener on the Shark Tank side of the fence, but this type of mass exposure can be more challenging than most people imagine.

There are 9 more alumni sharing their learnings here so do give them a read as well…

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