Words to Eliminate from Your Vocabulary as a Leader


We found this article on Entrepreneur and thought we’d share it here. It’s called The 3 Words Every Leader Should Banish From His (Her) Vocabulary.

It has some interesting points that’s worth a look. Here’s one of them:

The word “but” serves to negate everything that comes before it and sets up a conversational competition. A good example of this occurred when a leader at Whole Foods, a company I worked with some years back, wanted to inspire his corporate team and said, “July and August were really great months, but we have two weeks left in September.”

The problem was that by inserting “but” into the middle of the sentence, the leader left people confused as to whether July and August were really great months or if September was going to be horrible or just okay.

The rest of the piece has more to offer so do check it out at the link below…

Read the source article at Entrepreneur